Hello! I’ve been a Lushie since 2014. I started to collect shower gels and jellies in August 2016, which is also around the time I created my Lush Instagram account. My first Kitchen item was Twilight shower jelly. My all time favourite scent is Lord of Misrule, just in case the name of my blog didn’t give it away.

My blog mainly reviews shower gels/creams and jellies: seasonal, regular and Kitchen.

As of the creation of this blog, I have 34 shower gels/creams and 15 jellies. I hope to see my collection continue to grow as much as it has since August.

I enjoy Photography a lot as an Art student in the UK. My photos are taken on a Canon or my iPhone. I love nature and animals. I am not vegan, however, so you will see reviews of non-vegan products on here such as Yummy Yummy Yummy or It’s Raining Men. I hope you enjoy reading my reviews.