The Comforter

img_6493The Comforter shower cream has possibly become one of the most well known Lush shower products, along with Snow Fairy. Most new Lush fans adore it whereas many fans appreciate it but don’t always rave about it. I’d say that The Comforter is one of the more “iconic” scent families, which is why this shower cream is so popular. Many people associate this scent with Lush and I find it bizarre because Lush has so many more scents on offer. I’m one of the Lush fans who does appreciate a good shower using this cream however I don’t usually list it as one of my favourite products, despite how much I enjoy it.

Described by Lush as being like a cuddle in a bottle, this shower cream certainly suits the name. Much like the bubble bar, the sweet scent of blackberry mixed in with vanilla, cassis absolute and bergamot oil is enough to leave you wanting more.

This cream is rather thin with generous amounts of lustre swirled in with the bright pink colour. Despite how moisturising it is, the lather isn’t anything special; it only creates a small amount of lather so I’d recommend using quite a big amount of the cream. I did find that this cream temporarily stained my hand pink when I used it the other day, which confused me because I had never experienced staining from this product. Perhaps it’s because I was so interested in the glittery colour as the thin, runny consistency dripped down my arm.

The scent will leave a strong fragrance on your skin, a constant reminder of the lovely shower/bath you had. This is perfect for hot weather because the scent increases much more in the heat, creating a fruity yet sweet aroma which will last a good few hours.

I can somewhat understand why this is such a loved product; it was one of my first shower products from Lush when I decided to branch out from my usual Snow Fairy as Comforter was released into the regular line. Of course, I will always come back to The Comforter as it is such a sweet fruity scent. Perfect for new and old Lush fans.

This product is suitable for vegans. 

List of Ingredients: water (aqua), sodium laureth sulfate, blackberry and fair trade vanilla infusion (rubus fruticosus; vanilla planifolia), sodium cocoamphoacetate, stearic acid, lauryl betaine, propylene glycol, perfume, almond oil (prunus dulcis), lactic acid, titanium dioxide, bergamot oil (citrus aurantium bergamia, cassis absolute (ribes nigrum), cypress oil (cupressus sempervirens), limonene, linalool, snowflake lustre (potassium aluminium silicate,  titanium dioxide), colour 17200, colour 45410, methylparaben.

Part of the regular line.


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